Martin Reichert


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ISBN 978-3-596-18831-4


‘What happens when Generation Courier Bag discovers country life.’

The practiced urbanite Martin Reichert sets out in search of the best of all worlds, and is surprised at what he finds: The new desire for nature and the kitsch that many city-dwellers imagine of country life really does exist in Germany’s provinces. A ‘clash of civilisations’ is raging between real, EU-subsidised major agriculture and organic weekend farmers with hand-made garden tools. Martin Reichert takes up position between the frontlines and investigates into why real nature can only be found in cities and whatever happened to ‘untouched nature’. The author knows both worlds at first hand – he himself has been dividing his time between the nervous kick of urban life in Berlin and the long slow stream of country life in rural Brandenburg.
Full of witty, satirical insights, a report from the German provinces.

About Martin Reichert

Martin Reichert, born in 1973, lives in Berlin.

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Martin Reichert
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