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ISBN 978-3-596-19448-3


The whole truth about men and women – by a man who loves men and understands women

Whatever you want to know about men and women, Martin Reichert has the answers. He understands women’s exasperation and men’s insecurity – because Reichert is a man who loves men, and understands women. This is why for many years, both sexes have trusted him with their worries and problems. Now, he has had enough of the eternal war of the sexes and is taking a brave step: he wants to save the world – and broker peace between men and women. And all this in 24 hours! Placing himself between the front lines, he talks to macho men about their feelings, and women about leadership. He gets to the bottom of the secret sexual underground of the heteros, argues with meat-eating women and vegetarian feminists. At the end of his mission, having exposed the truth behind the cliché and the cliché behind the truth, he comes to an astonishing conclusion.

The new book from Martin Reichert, following his bestsellers “When I grow up!" and "Landlust".

About Martin Reichert

Martin Reichert, born in 1973, lives in Berlin.

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Martin Reichert
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