Melanie Levensohn

Zwischen uns ein ganzes Leben

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416 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-70271-8


Three women – separated by half a century, connected by a promise
Paris, 1940: Life is becoming increasingly dangerous for Jewish student Judith. Secretly she plans her escape with her great love Christian, the son of a banker. But suddenly she disappears without a trace.
More than fifty years later in Washington: a promise weighs heavily on Jacobina that she gave to her father but never honoured. She is supposed to find her unknown half-sister Judith. She doesn’t have much time left. Then she meets the young Frenchwoman Béatrice. The two women become friends. Together they set off on a search that takes them further than they ever envisaged …

About Melanie Levensohn

When MELANIE LEVENSOHN took on her husband’s last name at their wed- ding, she became the namesake of his French second cousin who was killed in Auschwitz. Her tragic story inspired this novel. Melanie Levensohn lives on a vineyard in Napa Valley in California together with her family. She was born in 1970 near Frankfurt, studied political sciences and literature in France and Chile and later worked as a press aide for the World Health Organisation in Geneva and for the World Bank in Washington D.C.

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Zwischen uns ein ganzes Leben


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