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Mias Bohne

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5123-2
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Mia’s biggest wish is to have a pet and her absolute favourite pet would be an elephant. But her mom thinks along more practical lines. And thus Mia gets a bean. “It’s alive, too,” mom says, “You have to take good care of it.” Fair enough, Mia thinks, so, this bean is now my pet. Taking care of a plant animal is a great thing. The baby bean turns into a small plant which Mia takes for walks in a baby buggy and feeds with lemonade from the garden hose. But a bean is a bean and because Mia thinks, anyway, that her bean needs more freedom, she finally sets it free in the garden.

This humorous picture book story is as light as a summer breeze and shows young children how much fun it can be to take care of something all by themselves.

About Stephanie Schneider

Stephanie Schneider, born in 1972, made plans to become a writer when she was just a child. It was only after studying art and teaching for a few years, however, that she lived up to her childhood dream. Since then, she has been going to her favourite café every morning to make up stories for children and adults. Stephanie Schneider lives in Hanover with her husband and two daughters.

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Stephanie Schneider
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