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ISBN 978-3-10-043938-3


‘Gloomy Delight’ is Michael Lentz’s response to his story collection ‘Muttersterben’, which saw his breakthrough. The 1 000- page novel is a mind-blowing journey into the past and the darkness of the inner self. It tells of his father’s death and leads the writer son into the worst life crisis ever.The narrator is locked in a cell and forced to write a book. It is meant to be the book of all books and to expose everyone through its length alone – those who read it, but above all the person who wrote it. Writing will lead the hero into the moth- er of all catastrophes. Only one thing can save him: he must stop writing.

About Michael Lentz

Michael Lentz was born in 1964. He is an author, musician and editor. His most recent publications are the novel “Pacific Exile”, the play “Why we are here”, “Public unrest” (a poetry collection), and a volume of essays and articles, "Text life", all for S. Fischer and Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag.

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Michael Lentz
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