Monika Maron

Animal Triste

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ISBN 978-3-10-048807-7


Maron's disturbing but erotic novel of remembrance takes the form of the haunting recollections of an elderly woman. Raised in repressive East Germany shortly after World War II, the nameless heroine earns a paleontology degree, marries, and has a daughter. Years later, when the Berlin Wall comes down, she meets Franz, a scientist from West Germany who has come to work at the museum where she is employed. Their affair is passionate, and she abandons her family. When Franz is accidentally killed by a bus after a lovers' quarrel, she shuts herself up in her tiny apartment, torturing herself with guilty memories of their affair. Maron uses her heroine's descent into insanity as a framework for exploring the role that memories play in our identity, and the power we have to reshape ourselves by rewriting the past. Examining the relationship between passion and our instinctive animal selves, Maron demonstrates how we can allow ourselves to be driven by love to defy both social rules and our own natural instinct for survival.

About Monika Maron

Monika Maron was born in 1941 in Berlin. She has published numerous novels, including: Flugasche, Animal triste, Endmoränen, Ach Glück, Zwischenspiel and Stille Zeile Sechs, as well as several essay volumes and the report Bitterfelder Bogen. She was awarded several prizes, such as the Kleist Prize (1992), the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize Bad Homburg (2003), the Deutschen Nationalpreis (2009) and the Lessing Prize Saxony (2011). In September 2017, she received the Ida-Dehmel Prize for Literature (former winners: Rose, Ausländer, Hilde Domin and Herta Müller)

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Monika Maron
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Animal Triste
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