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ISBN 978-3-10-048835-0


Crows have accompanied human history since prehistoric times. We have made them subject of our myths, legends, and fairy tales. While working on a new novel, Monika Maron begins to research crows, and her initial curiosity turns to fascination and admiration. In this touching book, Maron explores her observations and thoughts, yielding deep insights into the relationship between man and his fellow animals.
Monika Maron's portrait of humanity’s cleverest companions.

About Monika Maron

Monika Maron was born in 1941 in Berlin. She has published numerous novels, including: Flugasche, Animal triste, Endmoränen, Ach Glück, Zwischenspiel and Stille Zeile Sechs, as well as several essay volumes and the report Bitterfelder Bogen. She was awarded several prizes, such as the Kleist Prize (1992), the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize Bad Homburg (2003), the Deutschen Nationalpreis (2009) and the Lessing Prize Saxony (2011). In September 2017, she received the Ida-Dehmel Prize for Literature (former winners: Rose, Ausländer, Hilde Domin and Herta Müller)

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Monika Maron
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