Nadia Qani

Ich bin eine Deutsche aus Afghanistan

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Nadia Qani is 20 years old when she has to leave Afghanistan for political reasons. With nothing more than a handbag and a thin dress, she finally arrives in Frankfurt, where her husband is waiting for her. The young family has to start all over again. ‘Work till you drop’ becomes their method of integrating into German society, ‘That’s the way it is, let’s make the best of it’ becomes their motto. Nadia Qani tells us how she worked her way up to a successful businesswoman, but above all how she promotes Afghan women in Germany and supports her employees – giving back a little of the positive experiences she has had. Her life story is not only an example of successful integration, but also the success story of a highly energetic, strong-willed businesswoman with a huge heart for other people.

About Nadia Qani

Nadia Qani, born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1960 and married to the grandson of the then viceroy, had to leave the country in 1980. She fled to Germany via Pakistan and London. On their arrival in Frankfurt the young family had nothing. Nadia Qani took on jobs on the cash desk at a DIY store, as a cleaning woman and an office clerk, bringing up two sons on the side. And slowly but surely, she worked her way up. In 1993 she set up a home nursing service. Nadia Qani has won a number of awards for her business and social achievements, most recently the Federal Cross of Merit in 2009.

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Nadia Qani
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Ich bin eine Deutsche aus Afghanistan
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