Nather Henafe Alali

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ISBN 978-3-10-397345-7


Nothing is more difficult than to be free

Alali tells of a Syrian couple who are in love. When he is severely wounded and disappears, she sets off on the danger- ous journey to Europe. Abroad she meets one of his closest friends. Her story appears to have reached a turning point, nothing is improbable in the turmoil of this century.Alali’s extremely emotional debut novel is about loss and exhaustion, of how the war steals away one’s Heimat – but not the hope, the optimism, the power of resistance. It is a gripping and forceful book about loneliness and exile. Angela Merkel’s term ‘We can do it’ has an existential meaning to Alali’s heroes.

About Nather Henafe Alali

NATHER HENAFE ALALI was born in Deir Azzor, Syria, in 1989. He has been living in Germany for four years. In 2011, he was one of the students who pro- tested peacefully against the Assad regime. He wrote for freedom, democracy and human rights in Syria. He was arrested, his family bought him free from prison, and he fled via Egypt and Turkey to Germany. Now he has written a novel that deals with his experiences.

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Nather Henafe Alali
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Raum ohne Fenster

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