Nikos Milonás

Kretische Feindschaft

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400 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-651-02580-6


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About Nikos Milonás

Nikos Milonás is the pseudonym of Frank D. Müller, who fell in love with the Mediterranean island of Crete when he first visited it as a seventeen-year-old. Having left behind a North German summer, he was overwhelmed when he caught sight of the coastline from the ship as the intensive scent of wild thyme blew across the ocean. Since then he has spent as much time as possible on Crete and has taken the island and its people into his heart. In his German life, the Hamburg-born writer lives in Munich, works as an assistant producer and documentary filmmaker and co-authors various TV shows (among others, München 7). Cretan Abyss is the second case for Commisar Michalis Charisteas, following Kretische Freundschaft.  

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Kretische Feindschaft
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