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Stefan Zweig

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“My Three Lives” was the working title for Stefan Zweig’s great book “Die Welt von Gestern”. His young and restless years up to the end of the First World War, the years of success as a “writing machine” in Salzburg, and finally the years of exile in Britain, the USA and Brazil make up the three main blocks of Stefan Zweig’s biography.Oliver Matuschek’s portrait is based on a wealth of newly accessible sources, research findings and previously unknown material. He paints a fascinating picture of the fulfilled life of an author pampered by success, which takes an unexpected turn due to the course of history and ends tragically in double suicide with his second wife Lotte in provincial Brazil. Matuschek also focuses on general questions such as Stefan Zweig’s travels, the approaches to the content of his work and Zweig’s relationship to his colleagues and publishers.

About Oliver Matuschek

Oliver Matuschek, born 1971, studied Politics and Modern History. He has co-authored several documentaries on historical and political subjects and researched in the USA, Israel, Britain, Austria and Switzerland. Numerous publications.

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Oliver Matuschek
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