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ISBN 978-3-10-402525-4


Ghost writer Can Evinman is working on the autobiography of prominent actress Anna Roth when he is suddenly, shockingly confronted with his own life story: it appears that his parents, who he had thought died in an accident thirty-five years ago, were victims of a terrible crime – one which has left deep wounds in Anna Roth’s family as well. Together, Can and Anna try to find out what really happened and discover a fascinating chapter of 17th-century Jewish history. But this history reaches into the present, and is linked closely to the fate of their two families. With dangerous consequences: someone seems very interested in keeping the past dead and buried …

About Orkun Ertener

Orkun Ertener, born in 1966, lives with his family in Cologne. He writes predominantly for TV and has received numerous awards for his work, e.g. the Adolf Grimme Preis for the series KDD-Kriminaldauerdienst, which he developed. His first novel, Lebt, was number one on the crime fiction bestseller list, and was praised by critics and readers alike.  

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Orkun Ertener
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