Orkun Ertener

Was bisher geschah (und was niemals geschehen darf)

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ISBN 978-3-651-02474-8


Finn and Paul have been inseparable since early childhood. Now, shortly before their A levels, everything is different. Their future is uncertain, and this frightens them. And then there’s Khalil, who has suddenly come between them. Unpredictable and erratic Khalil, whom Paul idolises, and Finn doesn’t trust an inch.

After Paul has a bad accident, he has to accept that his memory doesn’t extend beyond a day. In the rehab facility, Paul receives an alarming letter from Khalil, which leads him to fear the worst. Paul convinces Finn that they must stop Khalil. So, they embark on a road trip, which takes them from Cologne via Berlin and London to the G20 Summit in Hamburg. And changes everything forever.  

About Orkun Ertener

Orkun Ertener, born in 1966, lives with his family in Cologne. He writes predominantly for TV and has received numerous awards for his work, e.g. the Adolf Grimme Preis for the series KDD-Kriminaldauerdienst, which he developed. His first novel, Lebt, was number one on the crime fiction bestseller list, and was praised by critics and readers alike.  

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Orkun Ertener
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Was bisher geschah (und was niemals geschehen darf)
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