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For 32 years, Gerhard Roth worked on his two novel cycles Die Archive des Schweigens and Orkus – a unique cosmos of literature and thought containing both classic novels and documentary and essay volumes.
The volume Orkus is the keystone of this monumental work, and an end point not to be outbid: an autobiographical novel in which the author’s life fuses with those of his characters in a fascinating manner. Orkus is the essence of a writerly life: a book about the nature of humankind, the perception of the world, the search for an alternate reality. A long journey to the dead and a magnificent attempt to understand life without destroying it.

Published simultaneously: Die Zeit, das Schweigen und die Toten. Materialien zum Werk von Gerhard Roth. Edited by Jürgen Hosemann

About Gerhard Roth

Gerhard Roth, born 1942 in Graz, lives in Vienna and the Südsteiermark as a freelance writer. He has published numerous novels, stories, essays, and plays, among them the seven-volume cycle Die Archive des Schweigens, completed 1991. This was followed by the Orkus-cycle: the novels Der See, Der Plan, Der Strom, and Das Labyrinth, Die Stadt (a volume of literary essays about Vienna), as well as the two volumes of reminiscences Das Alphabet der Zeit and Orkus: Reise zu den Toten. His work has earned him numerous prizes, most recently the 2012 Jakob Wasserman Prize.

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Gerhard Roth
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