Julie Heiland

Pearl – Liebe macht sterblich

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ISBN 978-3-8414-4017-4
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Pearl is searching. Her unfulfilled longing for love has made her immortal. But far from enjoying eternal life, all she wants is to finally find love and become mortal again – before crossing a line and becoming evil as a consequence of all the rejection she has known in her life. There is only one way for her to be released: She has to find true and sincere love. But the one she can finally love turns out to be her biggest enemy. Will he return her feelings and free her or will he seal her fate for all eternity?

Indescribably romantic and absolutely thrilling – the new fantasy novel by Julie Heiland!

About Julie Heiland

Julie Heiland, born in 1991, studied journalism. Simultaneously, she finished a professional training in acting and rhetoric and has acted in many TV movies. Writing is her passion and with it, she touches her readers.

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Julie Heiland
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Pearl – Liebe macht sterblich
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