Pia Rosenberger

Die Himmelsmalerin

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528 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-19321-9


Esslingen, 1326: the stained-glass artist Heinrich Luginsland can no longer work without his daughter Lena’s help – his eyesight is growing weaker by the day. For three years now, Lena has been helping him to paint the glass fragments in secret, because unlike in Cologne women are not allowed to carry out crafts in Esslingen, let alone run their own workshops. So Lena is to marry the Tübingen stained-glass artist Marx Anstetter, even though she does not like him. She goes along with her father’s plan so as to save his workshop. Until one day a wandering artist from Burgundy comes to stay in Heinrich Luginsland’s house. Lionel Jourdain has been commissioned by Franciscan monks to redesign the central chancel window in their church for King Louis’ visit. Lena is to help him. She is fascinated by his new technique using silver stain for yellow tones. But it is not only their passion for stained glass that connects the two of them…

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Die Himmelsmalerin
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