Pia Rosenberger

Die Spur des Ultramarins

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ISBN: 978-3-596-03189-4


528 Pages,
publishing house:
FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-03189-4


• Ultramarine – the colour of the heavens
• Captivating historical novel featuring painter Jan van Eyck
• For fans of Sabine Weigand, Andrea Schacht and Sabine Martin

Ghent, around 1430: painter Jan van Eyck is working on the Ghent altarpiece, for which he requires the pigment ultramarine. He wants to use the precious blue to give Mary’s mantle its unmistakeable hue. But his patrons, the wealthy Jodocul Vijd and his nephew Christian, refuse to procure the colour, which is not avail- able in Ghent. Only Christian’s younger brother Adrian, a disgraced student of medicine, un- derstands the possibilities the new pigment could bring the Flemish art world. Eager to give his life a new purpose, he journeys to Venice, where he hopes to find the pigment. On the way he meets the apothecary Katharina, who is searching for her father

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Die Spur des Ultramarins
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