Mark Roderick

Post Mortem - Tage des Zorns

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512 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-29707-8


Look into the abyss and beg for your death

Emilia Ness is investigating a new Interpol case when she receives a gruesome package – containing a human ear. A short while later, a video message reaches her: her daughter Becky has been abducted. And the ear appears to be Becky’s. There’s just one person who can help Emilia now: the hitman Avram Kuyper. But he is following the trail of an old rival. When he finally realizes they have both been led into a trap, it’s much too late.

About Mark Roderick

Mark Roderick studied business before working as a project manager and HR coordinator in the financial sector. In 2008 he became an accountant for a publishing house specializing in legal texts. He lives near Stuttgart with his family.

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Mark Roderick
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Post Mortem - Tage des Zorns
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