Rainer Erlinger

Nachdenken über Moral

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How do we determine the relationship between design and ethics? How do we find the weaknesses of the Golden Rule? How do we balance innovations against ethical demands? In a series of lectures rounded off by a personal interview, Rainer Erlinger, the author of a column on moral issues in the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, links thinking about the major ethical questions and their philosophical basis with his own work. He gives us a bird’s-eye view of how he writes his columns and tells us how he tackles his readers’ questions. The result is an insight into moral consideration at work.

About Rainer Erlinger

Rainer Erlinger, born in 1965, is a doctor and a lawyer. Following his work as a research fellow, he now works as a publisher, particularly in the field of ethics. S. Fischer Verlag most recently published: Höflichkeit. Vom Wert einer wertlosen Tugend (2016), Moral. Wie man richtig gut lebt (2012), as well as with Fischer Taschenbuch: Gewissensbisse. Antworten auf moralische Fragen des Alltags (2011) und Nachdenken über Moral. Gewissensfragen auf den Grund gegangen (2012) und Darf man Eltern sagen, dass ihre Kinder nerven? und andere Gewissensfragen aus dem Alltag (2016).

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Rainer Erlinger
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Nachdenken über Moral
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