Rainer Merkel

Lichtjahre entfernt

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ISBN 978-3-10-048442-0


Rainer Merkel’s novel presents scenes from a dying love story. A man is on the way to the airport. He is in a rush but his memories hold him up. Here in New York, he has met up with his long-term girlfriend. One last time. He takes more and more run-ups, his thoughts encircling the centre of the catastrophe. He remembers the dramatic events of the past months. A journey through California that ends in a nameless hotel in the middle of the desert. In his memory, this night seems gaudy and over-exposed, and the search for truth becomes a sexual admission, an admission without a listener, a monologue without an audience. Just before his return flight he suddenly realises there would have been a way to save everything.
‘What remains of the nights you spend together? I have to count back. Night by night. In a systematic effort of memory, and if I go through everything one more time I might find that decisive moment, the very point I’ve been looking for all along.’

About Rainer Merkel

Rainer Merkel was born in 1964 in Cologne. He studied psychology and art history and lives in Berlin. Between 2008 and 2009, he worked for Cap Anamur in Liberia’s only psychiatric hospital. His novels so far: Das Jahr der Wunder, for which he was awarded the Jürgen Ponto Prize, Das Gefühl am Morgen, Lichtjahre entfernt, which was on the shortlist of the German Book Prize, and the reports Das Unglück der anderen. Kosovo, Liberia, Afghanistan and Go Ebola Go. Eine Reise nach Liberia. Rainer Merkel was awarded the Erich Fried Prize in 2013.

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Rainer Merkel
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Lichtjahre entfernt
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