Reinhold Messner + Ralf-Peter Märtin

Tanzplatz der Götter

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ISBN 978-3-596-70436-1


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About Reinhold Messner + Ralf-Peter Märtin

Reinhold Messner, born in 1944, is the most famous mountaineer and adventurer of our time. As an extreme mountain climber, pioneer and ‘Philosopher in Action’, he has constantly set new benchmarks. Messner was the first person to scale all fourteen eight-thousanders, including Mount Everest, which he was the ­rst person to climb alone without additional oxygen (Everest Solo). In 1989/90, he crossed Antarctica together with Arved Fuchs. As an author and filmmaker, Messner now fights for the sustained ecological treatment of nature, running mountain farms and develops his mountain museum, the Messner Mountain Museum with its various locations.

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Reinhold Messner
Foto: (c) Simen Zupancic

Ralf-Peter Märtin, (1951 - 2016), studied ancient history and German literature in Berlin, gaining his PhD in 1982. He writes articles for GEO, ZEIT and National Geographic on history (Caesar, Domitian, the Romans and the ancient Germans, ancient Rome. etc.), archaeology, travel and alpine history. On his travels, he has explored the boundaries of the Roman world, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Euphrates, from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the Limes Germanicus frontier forts.
His book on the historical figure behind Dracula, the Romanian Prince Vlad Tepes (7th edition 2008) and his cultural history of Himalayan climbing (Nanga Parbat. Wahrheit und Wahn des Alpinismus, 2002) are standard works.

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Ralf-Peter Märtin
Foto: Irene Nießen
Tanzplatz der Götter
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