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Reinhold Messner thinks back to his years of extreme climbing, when he mastered the most difficult routes in the Alps. Recalling his own attempt in summer 2004 to scale the west face of the Ortler along the original route, he details a first ascent that almost led to catastrophe. Messner and his two companions took a wrong turning and were suddenly caught on a 1000-metre vertical mountain face, a huge ice shelf towering above them. There was no going back – the only way was up. What eventually saved the three climbers in the unpredictable vertical labyrinth was the unerring instincts for which Messner has always been known.
Messner, for whom the laws of gravity seemed to hold no sway, draws conclusions from his decades of experience as a master of the vertical.

About Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner, born in 1944, is the most famous mountaineer and adventurer of our time. As an extreme mountain climber, pioneer and ‘Philosopher in Action’, he has constantly set new benchmarks. Messner was the first person to scale all fourteen eight-thousanders, including Mount Everest, which he was the ­rst person to climb alone without additional oxygen (Everest Solo). In 1989/90, he crossed Antarctica together with Arved Fuchs. As an author and filmmaker, Messner now fights for the sustained ecological treatment of nature, running mountain farms and develops his mountain museum, the Messner Mountain Museum with its various locations.

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Reinhold Messner
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