Reinhold Messner

Yeti - Legende und Wirklichkeit

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ISBN 978-3-596-14737-3


In 1997, after two decades of high-profile expedition to the Himalyas, Reinhold Messner, the famous record-breaking mountaineer, spotted, tracked and finally filmed and photographed the mysterious Yeti, known in the Western World as the Abominble Snowman. With this discovery one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world has been solved. In his new book Reinhold Messner gives the world its first close-up look at this mysterious being. For thousands of years the Yeti has lived in the Himalaya in two forms: as an animal in the high reaches of the mountains and as a lengend in the lore of the indigenous population. In the past hundred years Western explorers and mountain climbers have brought back with them the fable of the Abominable snowman, and thus the legend was born.YETI - LEGEND AND REALITY is the product of over 13.000 miles of trekking through the highest mountains of the world. In nine chapters Reinhold Messner shares with us the fascinating adventures that led to the final discovery of the Yeti.

About Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner, born in 1944, is the most famous mountaineer and adventurer of our time. As an extreme mountain climber, pioneer and ‘Philosopher in Action’, he has constantly set new benchmarks. Messner was the first person to scale all fourteen eight-thousanders, including Mount Everest, which he was the ­rst person to climb alone without additional oxygen (Everest Solo). In 1989/90, he crossed Antarctica together with Arved Fuchs. As an author and filmmaker, Messner now fights for the sustained ecological treatment of nature, running mountain farms and develops his mountain museum, the Messner Mountain Museum with its various locations.

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Reinhold Messner
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Yeti - Legende und Wirklichkeit
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