Remo H. Largo

Das passende Leben

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ISBN 978-3-10-397274-0


The magnum opus of renowned child development expert and author (“Babyjahre”) Remo H. Largo

A book that will liberate you from the pressure to achieve and the obsession with development and self-optimisation. Everyone wants to live a fulfilled life that suits them down to the ground. But as simple as it sounds, living in harmony with yourself and others is a difficult business. Most people find themselves fulfilling other people’s expectations. All the same, it is possible: we can live a life that does justice to our strengths and abilities.
The special role our individuality plays in this, what makes it up and what basic needs shape us, have been the subject of Remo H. Largo’s research for many decades. His unique longitudinal studies have followed generations of children and adults. Making a life that „fits“ into a reality is our greatest challenge, but also our greatest opportunity. An optimistic, practical book that will give every single one of us new perspectives on our individual competencies, and make a positive change to the way we live together.

About Remo H. Largo

Remo H. Largo, born in Winterthur in 1943, studied medicine at Zurich University and developmental paediatrics at the University of California, LA. From 1978, he headed the Department of Growth and Development at the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, where he lead the Zurich longitudinal studies. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his work, including the Prix Mondial Nessim Habif de l’Université de Genève, and the SBAP Prize of the Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology. Remo H. Largo is the author of numerous bestsellers focusing on human development. His books include Babyjahre, Schülerjahre, Jugendjahre and are considered classics of child-rearing literature.

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Remo H. Largo
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Das passende Leben



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