Robert M. Sonntag + Martin Schäuble

Die Scanner

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192 Pages,
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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendtaschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-81154-0
12 years up


Awarded with the „Literaturpreis des Wirtschaftsclubs im Literaturhaus Stuttgart“

The world in the year 2035: Printed books, newspapers, magazines do not exist anymore. No big problem for Rob. He doesn’t know a different world. He has grown up in a cross-linked world and works for a mega-sized corporation that digitalizes all printed matter it can get hold of. So in this way all knowledge is available for everyone. Anytime! And free of charge! That’s awesome, isn’t it? But then Rob gets involved with a secret book guild. An illicit organization of book dealers gone bankrupt, out of work authors, translators, journalists and discharged employees of publishing houses. Suddenly Rob sees his picture in the news as a top-terrorist on all the TV channels. In the fight for knowledge, monopolization and power he has all of a sudden become the public enemy number one.

A fascinating futuristic thriller, a brilliant novel about friendship in times of global digital acquaintances and an enlightened comment on our times.
Google was yesterday – and what will be tomorrow?

About Robert M. Sonntag + Martin Schäuble

Hiding behind Robert M. Sonntag is the non-fiction writer Martin Schäuble. He studied Politics in Berlin, Israel and Palestine. As an author, he did research in crisis and conflict regions. His non fiction books as well as his dystopian novels are frequently read in school. He gained attention with his books on the Middle Eastern conflict for which he received many awards, one of them being “Black Box Jihad” (Black Box Dschihad) in 2011.

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Robert M. Sonntag
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Die Scanner

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