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Wer wir waren

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“Where do we get all our ignorance?”

Roger Willemsen was working on a new book before he died. It was to be called “Who We Were” and would examine the present day from the perspective of the future. Roger Willemsen stopped working on the book when he fell ill in the summer of 2015, but by then, he had already formulated the core ideas for “Who We Were” in a stirring “future speech”. More than simply a melancholic summing-up and a piece of keen analysis by an extraordinary contemporary of ours, it is also a passionate plea for a “break with the lightning speed of time”. It is an appeal to the next generation to declare its disagreement.

About Roger Willemsen

(1955 – 2016) started out as a university lecturer, translator and London-based newspaper correspondent, before working as a television presenter, director and producer from 1991 onwards. He won numerous awards, among them the Adolf Grimme Gold Prize and the Prix Pantheon. Willemsen was honorary professor of literature at Berlin’s Humboldt University. His best-selling books Deutschlandreise, Gute Tage, Afghanische Reise, Kleine Lichter, Der Knacks, Bangkok Noir, Die Enden der Welt, Momentum, and Das Hohe Haus have been translated into many languages. A book, entitled Der leidenschaftliche Zeitgenosse (A Passionate Contemporary) and edited by Insa Wilke, discusses his wide-ranging work.

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Roger Willemsen
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Wer wir waren

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