Roman Ehrlich

Die fürchterlichen Tage des schrecklichen Grauens

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ISBN 978-3-10-002531-9


A novel about fear as the dominant emotion of our time

Week after week, they meet in a pub to tell each other their worst fears – an unusual project which Christoph has invited all of them to join. He is a director, and they are actors, set designers, film editors or just friends. They are afraid of darkness, of love, loneliness, reptiles, madness or mixed-up medical files. Their stories will inspire the screenplay for the horror movie The Ghastly Horror. After months of preparation, they finally begin to shoot the film – and realize that Christoph’s ideas are much more radical than they thought.

About Roman Ehrlich

Roman Ehrlich, born in 1983 in Aichach, grew up in Neuburg an der Donau and studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig and the Free University in Berlin. He has previously published the books Das kalte Jahr (2013), Urwaldgäste (2014) and Das Theater des Krieges (2016, with Michael Disqué). Literary awards include the Robert Walser Prize and the Ernst Toller Prize.

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Roman Ehrlich
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Die fürchterlichen Tage des schrecklichen Grauens

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