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Alter Glaube und moderne Welt

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About Rudolf Schlögl

Rudolf Schlögl, born 1955, studied German, history and social sciences in Augsburg and Erlangen. He has been professor of modern history at the University of Konstanz since 1996. He is spokesman for the cultural studies research school ‘Norm and Symbol. The cultural dimension of social and political integration’ and heads the first German humanities excellence cluster ‘Cultural Bases of Integration’.

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Rudolf Schlögl
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Wolfgang Benz, PhD, born in Ellwangen/Jagst in 1941, is a historian and was a research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History up to 1990. He has since been Chair of the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at the TU Berlin.

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Wolfgang Benz
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Alter Glaube und moderne Welt
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