Sabine Schoder

So was passiert nur Idioten. Wie uns.

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368 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendtaschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-7335-0428-1
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30.000 readers cannot be wrong: The story of Viki and Jay is one of the most beautiful love stories that have been told in YA-literature over the last few years. But we all know that the biggest questions of love are dealt with after the happy ending.

In her new novel, Sabine Schoder tells the story of how things continue for the unlikely dream couple. Moving in together, first secrets and then … something happens that pulls the rug out from under their feet. Is their relationship going to survive that?

About Sabine Schoder

Sabine Schoder, born in 1982, studied graphic design in Vienna and spent some evenings and nights at parties in dark bars. Nowadays, she lives in Vorarlberg, far away from the whirl of big city life. Love is for idiots. Like me. was her debut novel.

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Sabine Schoder
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So was passiert nur Idioten. Wie uns.
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