Sabine Weigand

Das Buch der Königin

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ISBN 978-3-10-402683-1


Palermo, 1184 A.D.: Constance de Hauteville is far too old to marry. But with her uncle's death, she becomes heiress to the rich, exotic kingdom of Sicily – making her very desirable for Henry VI, of the House of Hohenstaufen. But Sicily's barons are already up in arms: they refuse to have a woman on the throne. Constance fights for the crown, and for her position at the side of Henry, who wants to become sole ruler of Sicily and the Holy Roman Empire. Whom does she owe her allegiance: her country – or her husband, whom she does not love? How can she, who is decried as barren, ensure the continued lineage of the House of Hohenstaufen? The young chronicler Gottfried is fascinated by Constance – and secretly records her life. He cannot yet imagine the dangerous turn it will take, and the immortal fame it will bring Constance …

About Sabine Weigand

Sabine Weigand is an historian from Franconia. She has planned exhibitions for museums, and is now a freelance writer and member of the Bavarian State Parliament. All nine of her historical novels are based on true stories. For The English Princess she carried out research on the life of Daisy von Pless in Silesia.

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Sabine Weigand
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Das Buch der Königin
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