Sabine Weigand

Die silberne Burg

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She is a doctor, she is a Jewess, and she is on the run from her brutal husband. Sara has many secrets to hide from the minstrels with whom she travels along the Rhine in the year 1415: her faith, her origin, to start with even her skills as a woman of medicine. The young knight Ezzo too does not reveal that he has joined the minstrels on the orders of the Queen of Hungary. And the Irish monk Ciaran keeps the legacy of the English heretic John Wyclif hidden inside his harp, something the Church would do anything to destroy.
All three of them are making their way to the great Council of Constance. There, they are unwittingly drawn into dangerous intrigues. For they are guarding a secret that could shake the foundations of the king’s and the pope’s world.

There are historical documents proving the existence of the Jewish woman doctor. Sabine Weigand tells a thrilling story of a very unusual medieval woman.

About Sabine Weigand

Sabine Weigand is an historian from Franconia. She has planned exhibitions for museums, and is now a freelance writer and member of the Bavarian State Parliament. All nine of her historical novels are based on true stories. For The English Princess she carried out research on the life of Daisy von Pless in Silesia.

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Sabine Weigand
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Die silberne Burg
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