Sabine Weigand

Die Tore des Himmels

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ISBN 978-3-596-18344-9


Ever since her childhood, the young aristocrat Gisa has been the confidante of Elisabeth, the Landgravine of Thuringia. She knows how torn Elisabeth is between her love for the power-conscious Landgrave Ludwig and her search for a devout and simple life. Gisa sees Elisabeth protesting against the court, her donations and charity to the poor causing unrest. And she sees how Ludwig’s younger brother makes pacts with dissatisfied noblemen in an attempt to put them at odds with the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II. Gisa’s most pressing secret revolves around the banned meetings of a heretic sect, which she listened in to. When Elisabeth meets the fanatical inquisitor Konrad of Marburg in 1226 and subjects herself to radical religious rules, Gisa’s world goes entirely off the rails. How far can she stand by Elisabeth without sacrificing herself?

About Sabine Weigand

Sabine Weigand is an historian from Franconia. She has planned exhibitions for museums, and is now a freelance writer and member of the Bavarian State Parliament. All nine of her historical novels are based on true stories. For The English Princess she carried out research on the life of Daisy von Pless in Silesia.

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Sabine Weigand
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Die Tore des Himmels
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