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ISBN 978-3-10-403788-2


The liberation of an individual who has turned deepest misery into a successful life

This extraordinary memoir is the unique and true story of a man who wouldn’t let anything deter him from his wish to become a woman, in a time when transgender wasn’t even yet thinkable. Born in Nazi Germany and growing up in extreme poverty with foster parents who mistreat him, Hermann works hard to become a successful businessman during the German Economic Miracle and is soon happily married to Edith. But in spite of loving her and his two children, he still feels utterly incomplete. After a failed suicide attempt, he goes to Casablanca – and comes back as Helga. Finally a woman, she now has to fight prejudice and ignorance, as well as rebuild her entire life. But her great inner power not only helps her through hard times but also brings her the second love of her life: Peter.

A moving story of the joy of becoming the person one has always wanted to be.

About Sabine Weigand

Sabine Weigand is an historian from Franconia. She has planned exhibitions for museums, and is now a freelance writer and member of the Bavarian State Parliament. All nine of her historical novels are based on true stories. For The English Princess she carried out research on the life of Daisy von Pless in Silesia.

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Sabine Weigand
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