Sarah Kuttner

Die anstrengende Daueranwesenheit der Gegenwart

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ISBN 978-3-596-17533-8


Following on from the great success of ‘The Wafer-Thin Ice of Half Two-Thirds Knowledge’, here comes the continuation of Sarah Kuttner’s Süddeutsche Zeitung columns, finally bringing us up to full two-thirds knowledge! Once again, Kuttner does not hesitate to answer questions you hadn’t even thought to ask. Is ski-jumping really a cruel and cynical sport, just because so many jumpers get stuck in trees? What were the first hundred days of the grand collation really like? Better or worse than ‘Felix 2 – The Bunny and the Cursed Time Machine’?Sarah Kuttner’s anthology is a book about today’s world, wonderwoman literature for sophisticated tastes.’Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung‘In her first book, the anthology “The Wafer-Thin Ice of Half Two-Thirds Knowledge”, Sarah Kuttner zooms through the sphere of the banal with her usual irony and wit.’ Der Spiegel‘When buying a digital camera, which characteristics are important to you?’ ‘Considerateness, sensitivity, openness, intelligence – and it has to like kids.’

About Sarah Kuttner

Sarah Kuttner’s first novel Mängelexemplar was published in 2009 and spent weeks on the bestseller list. Then as now, Kuttner writes about serious, existential issues, directly and honestly, a mix of empathy and flippancy which made her a popular TV personality in her shows “Sarah Kuttner – Die Show” (VIVA) and “Kuttner.” (MTV). She has presented various formats of her own on national and regional public channels, such as “Bambule” and “Kuttners Kleinanzeigen”. Since 2016, she has been producing and presenting the monthly event series “Kuttners schöne Nerdnacht” and since 2017 has co-presented the podcast “Das kleine Fernsehballett” on Deezer. She’s also on Instagram: @diekuttner | Twitter: @KuttnerSarah | Facebook: @SarahKuttner.

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Sarah Kuttner
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Die anstrengende Daueranwesenheit der Gegenwart


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