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ISBN 978-3-596-70415-6


“The world doesn’t stop turning for one fucking second. It doesn’t even slow down.”

Lena has bought a house with her boyfriend Kurt, who brings along his six years old son: little Kurt. It seems like her biggest challenge will be getting used to the new family arrangement and to rural Brandenburg now being her home. But when little Kurt dies in a fall, he leaves behind three adults whose centre implodes in grief.

Sarah Kuttner has written a novel about grief, about the strength people can develop and about the fact that some questions don’t have an answer. Kurt tells the gentle, humorous and above all calm story of how people can find themselves again after a terrible loss, and how to be there for someone who can’t be consoled.


About Sarah Kuttner

Sarah Kuttner’s first novel Mängelexemplar was published in 2009 and spent weeks on the bestseller list. Then as now, Kuttner writes about serious, existential issues, directly and honestly, a mix of empathy and flippancy which made her a popular TV personality in her shows “Sarah Kuttner – Die Show” (VIVA) and “Kuttner.” (MTV). She has presented various formats of her own on national and regional public channels, such as “Bambule” and “Kuttners Kleinanzeigen”. Since 2016, she has been producing and presenting the monthly event series “Kuttners schöne Nerdnacht” and since 2017 has co-presented the podcast “Das kleine Fernsehballett” on Deezer. She’s also on Instagram: @diekuttner | Twitter: @KuttnerSarah | Facebook: @SarahKuttner.

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Sarah Kuttner
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