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ISBN 978-3-596-18494-1


Karo lives a fast, flexible life. She is a prime example for our times: intelligent, self-ironic and loveable. When she loses her job, jettisons a few false friends and finds the courage to end her cowardly relationship, she suddenly feels fear. She loses the ground beneath her feet.
Sarah Kuttner lends a voice to the absurdity of our lives between party animals and panic attacks: from wittily ironic to deadly serious, from pleasant small-talk to bitter self-criticism. Funny and deeply moving, radical and passionate, she writes about the rift that can open up out of nothing in our lives.

About Sarah Kuttner

Sarah Kuttner’s first novel Mängelexemplar was published in 2009 and spent weeks on the bestseller list. Then as now, Kuttner writes about serious, existential issues, directly and honestly, a mix of empathy and flippancy which made her a popular TV personality in her shows “Sarah Kuttner – Die Show” (VIVA) and “Kuttner.” (MTV). She has presented various formats of her own on national and regional public channels, such as “Bambule” and “Kuttners Kleinanzeigen”. Since 2016, she has been producing and presenting the monthly event series “Kuttners schöne Nerdnacht” and since 2017 has co-presented the podcast “Das kleine Fernsehballett” on Deezer. She’s also on Instagram: @diekuttner | Twitter: @KuttnerSarah | Facebook: @SarahKuttner.

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Sarah Kuttner
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