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Bei drei auf den Bäumen

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On the Count of Three: Hide on a Tree!

Revolution in the jungle

Every day at seven o’clock the tiger does his morning round of the jungle. His striped skin all abristle, he goes on snarling and rumbling, fit to make the earth tremble. In a thunderous voice he roars: „By the time I’ve counted to three, everybody’s up in the trees! And woe betide him or her who isn’t!“ All the animals scramble off to climb as high up as they possibly can, with even the elephant hanging from a branch. Not a sound can be heard. The tiger is content. The little porcupine, though, couldn’t care less about obeying the tiger’s orders... A crazy story about courage.

About Saskia Hula

Saskia Hula was born in Vienna in 1966 and works there as a teacher. She has two children and divides her time between Burgenland and Vienna. She writes about topics which really touch children, with feeling, humour and jokes.

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Saskia Hula
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Bei drei auf den Bäumen

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