Stefan Klein

Das All und das Nichts

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ISBN 978-3-10-397261-0


Why the world is not as it appears – amazing stories about space and time from best-selling author Stefan Klein

Does the void exist? Are space and time just an illusion? Are our minds capable of conceiving space at all? And why are we even on earth? 21st-century physics changes our perspective of the world and ourselves. Stefan Klein relates this in his gripping and at the same time poetic book. Beginning with the blossom of a rose, he traces the beauty of the unknown, when examining the weather; he explains the unpredictability of the world, and by using a crime story, he helps us visualise the true form of space. With great literary feeling, Stefan Klein makes us marvel and takes us on a journey to our reality that is quite different from the way we perceive it.

• A new worldview that supersedes the imaginative powers we had to date and invites us to marvel

• Best-selling science author Stefan Klein on 21st-century physics

About Stefan Klein

Stefan Klein, born in 1965 in Munich, is Germany’s most successful science author. His book The Science of Happiness (2002) was at the top of all German bestseller lists for more than a year and also made the author known internationally. This was followed by the much praised All by Chance, The Secret Pulse of Time, Leonardo’s Legacy: How Da Vinci Reimagined the World and Survival of the Nicest, Science Book of the Year 2011. His most recent bestseller Träume: Eine Reise in unsere innere Wirklichkeit, received the Deutsche Lesepreis 2016.

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Stefan Klein
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Das All und das Nichts

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