Stephan Ludwig

Zorn - Tod um Tod

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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-70387-6


On a mild summer evening, Donald Piral meets an agonizing death. He’s tied up in his car and covered in slaked lime. Then the heating is turned up full. When Piral starts to sweat, the lime has its deadly effect. Chief Inspector Claudius Zorn is less than pleased when he’s summoned to the crime scene. He’s only recently been appointed chief again, which means that he can no longer offload work onto his colleague Schröder, unfortunately. And when Zorn discovers that he knew the murder victim his bad mood worsens. The circumstances under which he met Donald Piral over 25 years ago were far from pleasant. But who hated Piral so much that he would execute him?  

Zorn and Schröder don’t yet even have a suspect when a second murder occurs. And a clue relating to both victims becomes the touchstone of their long-standing friendship…  

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig has worked as a theatre technician, musician, and radio producer. He has three daughters, one son, and no cats. He discovered writing through an accidental concatenation of unplanned events. He lives and smokes in Halle.

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn - Tod um Tod
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