Stephan Ludwig

Zorn - Vom Lieben und Sterben

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ISBN 978-3-10-402018-1


As tough as a thriller, as entertaining as a detective show:
the gripping opener to the new series featuring Detective Inspector Claudius Zorn

“It took three hours for her to lose her mind, and another two before she was allowed to die at last.”

The police find traces of a brutal crime but no body. Detective Chief Inspector Claudius Zorn takes over the investigation – the first serious crime on his patch for years. Zorn and his oddball assistant Schröder finally find a woman’s corpse: her killer tortured her to death but seems to have given her painkillers beforehand – why? Who sent the police a video as evidence? And who wants to stop the investigators from finding out the dead woman’s identity at all cost? Zorn and Schröder still don’t have a suspect, when suddenly another murder takes place…

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig was supposed to become a musician. As a child, he learned to play violin, and as a youth double bass. He played in orchestras and later in a punk band. In 2012, the first of his nine thrillers about Inspectors Zorn and Schröder appeared. After a failed trip to Lusatia, which concluded when his car broke down in an opencast-mining district, he decided to write something different for a change. Underground is the result.  

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn - Vom Lieben und Sterben


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