Stephan Ludwig

Zorn - Wie sie töten

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416 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-19861-0


One night in winter, a woman pushes a man whom she does not know in front of a train. No one observes the murder; the police, thinking the incident a suicide, do not investigate further. Even Detective Inspector Claudius Zorn does not give the question much attention – he is busy trying to persuade his former colleague Schröder to be his partner again.
What neither Zorn nor Schröder know: the murderer is close to them. And she is out for another kill …

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig has worked as a theatre technician, musician, and radio producer. He has three daughters, one son, and no cats. He discovered writing through an accidental concatenation of unplanned events. He lives and smokes in Halle.

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn - Wie sie töten
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