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Zorn - Wo kein Licht

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ISBN 978-3-10-402480-6


"Soon darkness will fall across his eyes like a curtain, leaving him alone – alone with those dreadful images. And he knows who will have to pay for that, oh yes … "

In the early hours of the morning, a man jumps off a bridge, shooting himself before he hits the water. Another disappears, a third miraculously survives a massive car crash and goes into hiding. And the Annual Police Department Ball is cut short by an attendee's grisly death.
Chief Inspector Claudius Zorn is out of his depth – his partner, "fat" Schröder, is in the hospital with a severe concussion, a victim of the same pile-up Zorn is investigating, so Zorn must face all four cases on his own. He can't believe his bad luck – and is well aware that without Schröder's razor-sharp reasoning on his side, he may be up against the toughest challenge of his career. Just as all seems lost, he receives an anonymous message: The cases are connected by an insidious web of intrigue. Zorn soon suspects who may be behind it all, but neither his partner nor prosecuting attorney Frieda Borck believe him – a mistake with deadly consequences, as it turns out...

A new case for Chief Inspector Claudius Zorn and "fat" Schröder

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Stephan Ludwig has worked as a theatre technician, musician, and radio producer. He has three daughters, one son, and no cats. He discovered writing through an accidental concatenation of unplanned events. He lives and smokes in Halle.

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn - Wo kein Licht
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