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Zorn - Kalter Rauch

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ISBN 978-3-10-403228-3


It’s raining fish: one night, salmon and eel splat onto the dark roofs and streets of the city. The clean-up crew finds an artificial hip – but the woman to whom it belongs has disappeared without a trace, and her husband Gregor Zettl refuses to talk to detectives Zorn and Schröder. But the price of his silence could be death: Zettl is being threatened …

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig was supposed to become a musician. As a child, he learned to play violin, and as a youth double bass. He played in orchestras and later in a punk band. In 2012, the first of his nine thrillers about Inspectors Zorn and Schröder appeared. After a failed trip to Lusatia, which concluded when his car broke down in an opencast-mining district, he decided to write something different for a change. Underground is the result.  

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn - Kalter Rauch
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