Stephan Ludwig

Zorn 5 - Kalter Rauch

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416 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-03192-4


It’s raining fish: one night, salmon and eel splat onto the dark roofs and streets of the city. The clean-up crew finds an artificial hip – but the woman to whom it belongs has disappeared without a trace, and her husband Gregor Zettl refuses to talk to detectives Zorn and Schröder. But the price of his silence could be death: Zettl is being threatened …

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig has worked as a theatre technician, musician, and radio producer. He has three daughters, one son, and no cats. He discovered writing through an accidental concatenation of unplanned events. He lives and smokes in Halle.

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn 5 - Kalter Rauch
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