Stephan Ludwig

Zorn 7 - Lodernder Hass

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ISBN: 978-3-596-29775-7


448 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-29775-7


Following his severe injuries received in the line of duty, Detective Chief Inspector Claudius Zorn is temporarily on desk duty. But not much has changed – his colleague and boss, Schroeder, is doing the work, while Zorn smokes. One evening, Zorn catches a young arsonist red-handed. Crown Prosecutor Frieda Borck sends the young man to a psychiatrist, who suggests he join an open therapy group. When one of the members of the group dies and other participants are threatened, Schroeder joins the sessions undercover, in order to find out what’s going on. But soon Schroeder is also in danger and Zorn has to take immediate action …

About Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig has worked as a theatre technician, musician, and radio producer. He has three daughters, one son, and no cats. He discovered writing through an accidental concatenation of unplanned events. He lives and smokes in Halle.

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Stephan Ludwig
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Zorn 7 -  Lodernder Hass


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