Stephen Barnett

Deutschland für die Hosentasche

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ISBN 978-3-596-51280-5


Put Germany in your pocket and under your belt! Useless knowledge in weird lists and anecdotes

- What is Germany's worst soccer team?
- Which cities have the highest number of brothels per capita?
- Why are all the trees in German cities numbered?

Since Stephen Barnett came to Germany about seven years ago, he has been noticing things most Germans have learned to ignore. In his research on Germany he has discovered strange world record holders (in Yodeling, for example, or in baking traditional German onion pie). He has discovered what Germans miss most when outside their own country and knows almost every German Heavy-Metal-Band. And he urgently recommends that the world leader in exports start turning its legendary "Gemütlichkeit" into the next big thing.

About Stephen Barnett

Stephen Barnett was an editor at Penguin Books and Random House New Zealand and now works as free-lance writer and editor. He has authored and edited more than 25 books, mostly on topics such as popular culture, social history, and children's literature. He was born in New Zealand and has been living in Germany for six years.

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Deutschland für die Hosentasche
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