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Liliane Susewind – Ein kleiner Hund mit großem Herz

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ISBN 978-3-596-85654-1
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There was a time when Lilli did not know her best friend Jesahja or the cat lady Madame von Schmidt. She didn’t even know her most loyal companion, the tiny dog Bonsai. This is the story how Bonsai came to be with Lilli and how he got his funny name!

When Lilli discovers a tiny white dog that sneaks away with food from the trash cans, she simply cannot hold back: She has to help him! When the stray then stands up for Lilli as an older boy bullies her, she and the little dog become friends forever.

About Tanya Stewner

Tanya Stewner was born in Bergisches Land in 1974 and started writing stories when she was only ten years old. Her series of children’s books on Liliane Susewind is hugely successful. The author lives with her family in Wuppertal.

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Tanya Stewner
Foto: Sonja Blietschau / Rebel Photo Art

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Liliane Susewind – Ein kleiner Hund mit großem Herz
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