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Liliane Susewind – Giraffen übersieht man nicht

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ISBN 978-3-7373-4002-1
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In this 12th volume of the bestselling Liliane Susewind series, the courageous little girl faces yet another situation in which only she can help an animal in danger: Lilli accompanies Jesahja on his travels to his grandparents in Namibia. She is completely captivated by the proud animals that live in this fascinating landscape. When she hears that the farmers declare open shooting season on the wild animals for trophy hunters, she is absolutely horrified. And the next animal that is supposed to be shot is the giraffe that Lilli became friends with just that morning! Lilli needs the help of all her human and animal friends to stop that from happening.

About Tanya Stewner

Tanya Stewner, born in 1974, started writing stories when she was only ten years old. Her series of children’s books on Liliane Susewind is hugely successful, in Germany and many other countries. She lives in Düsseldorf with her family

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Tanya Stewner
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Liliane Susewind – Giraffen übersieht man nicht
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