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Duden Leseprofi – Sherlock Junior und der Bär von London, Erstes Englisch

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FISCHER Duden Kinderbuch
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ISBN 978-3-7373-3333-7
8 years up


Sherlock Junior is not only the youngest detective in London, but also the brightest. And his friend Walter from Berlin, whom Sherlock has renamed Watson, is always by his side … The entertaining crime mysteries are set in London, written in German and include basic English words and phrases. The English words are always self-explanatory so no prior knowledge is needed.

When an old lady asks Sherlock and Watson to find a ring that has disappeared, it first appears that the ring was stolen by a wild, very old black bear. Sherlock and his assistant Walter/Watson start their hunt for the mysterious animal …

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THiLO is a successful children’s book author and writes scripts for well-known children’s TV programmes.
Juul Adam Petry, born in 2006, already sped through the woods with friends and armed with sticks when he was a little kid. He learned an important lesson then: Victory can only be achieved with the right mix of attacking and taking cover – a tactic which he also uses as an enthusiastic player of Fortnite

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Duden Leseprofi – Sherlock Junior und der Bär von London, Erstes Englisch
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