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Beste Absichten

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It’s 1989, the final months of the GDR, and people start fleeing via Hungary. The police have stopped checking anyone properly and you don’t need a permit to play a gig anymore. Change is afoot and The Rot is right in the middle of it all. They are the last East German band, their breakthrough is just a matter of time. But then the Wall falls and suddenly money is more important than music. With a light touch and a lot of humour, Thomas Brussig tells the story of a band and their dream, and what it’s like when one thing ends and another begins.

About Thomas Brussig

Thomas Brussig, born in 1964 in Berlin, first achieved public recognition for his novel Helden wie wir. Since then, he has published many works, including Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee (1999), Wie es leuchtet (2004), and the musical Hinterm Horizont (2011). His works have been translated into 30 languages.
His written works - as well as one film and one stage play - have reached an audience well into the millions

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Thomas Brussig
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Beste Absichten
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